This slideshow was produced over a 5-days period in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia, under the mentoring of Wawi Navarroza for her workshop "The Photographer as Author". This workshop took place as part of the Camera Obscura photography festival

I am a consumer.

I embraced it. It’s done. No more guilt.
I am defined by my possessions. 

My reason is enslaved to my passions, and my passions lurk at things.
Shiny things, silky things, sturdy things.

I feel comfortable when an ATM is at reach.
I like free things too. I never have enough money.

Thank you, Penang.
I’ve had a taste of bliss. Canned food and taxes just seem so far away.

Thank you, Penang.
You’ve made me frivolous. I don’t think twice as I point my fingers, cash in hands.

Thank you, Penang.
You’re keeping me high. I can afford your designer drugs and they look just the same.

Thank you, Penang. 


The photographs in this project were produced over a 5-days period during a trip to Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia. All materials and items in the images, as European some might look, were produced in Asia and purchased on the island of Penang. Less than 500 Malaysian ringgits (120 USD) were spent in total.

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